Tuesday, April 7, 2015

April 7 - Nothing to say, until...

It is almost lunch time, and I haven't thought of anything profound to write about. I've spent the past few blogs getting some "soapbox talk" off my chest. What do I have left? I look at the topic suggestions, but nothing comes to mind. I guess spending my morning bringing my car to get fixed, doing laundry, and taking care of my energetic children has occupied my mind.

Until this happened...

I jumped on Twitter, and the first thing I saw was that registration was now open for the Let's TALK conference.

I've never been to this conference because it occurs just one week prior to the Kentucky Educators for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing annual summer conference. Why would I want to attend two conferences back to back? I know my husband and children wouldn't want me away from home that much.

However, this year I feel differently. With all the growth that has happened to me over the past year, I can no longer skip this event. I NEED to be there. My family will have to understand that in order for me to continue on my path of growth, this is one stop I cannot pass by.

It was exciting to see all the session choices but quite nerve racking to select the ones I want to attend. There are a few that I REALLY hope I get into as I feel those would make me a better educator and leader.

What was even more thrilling is how many presenters I know! Through my experiences with Gates Teacher Advisory Council, Commissioner Holliday's Teacher Advisory Council, ECET2 and ECET2KY, I have met some incredible educators, many of whom I now call friends. To think that only a year ago I didn't know any of them existed!

Thank you to Twitter and my PLN! If I didn't sneak on there for a minute in between folding clothes, I would have had nothing to write about today!

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