Sunday, April 12, 2015

April 12 - Passion Project - supporting educators

Today's #AprilBlogADay question asks about my passion project. The problem with that question is that I have already written on that topic on April 5 and April 6. So what else is my passion project?

I love to support educators. Helping others strengthen their craft or elevate their voice is something I greatly enjoy. So many of my side projects and responsibilities are related to supporting educators.

Here are a few:

  • serving on ECET2 steering committees
  • serving as a TPGES peer observer
  • working with other teachers to create documents that connect the Danielson Framework to DHH teachers
  • encouraging other teachers to take on leadership roles in their school or district
Through this I have found that I love supporting ALL educators. I used to focus all my efforts on DHH teachers because that is my area of expertise. However, this past year I have realized that we are all a community of educators wanting to learn and grow from each other. What I have to say might matter to someone who is not a DHH teacher.

This thought came into focus when I became a peer observer. Not only was I partnered with special education teachers, I also had the fortune of working with a regular education elementary teacher. Even though peer observers are not supposed to give suggestions for improvement, after we discussed the evidence I collected, the regular education teacher sincerely wanted me to give her tips on ways to improve her questioning techniques. Me? A Deaf Ed teacher? Yes! I found that I had lots of suggestions for her that she found very useful!

It was through this experience that I realized even further that I enjoy serving all teachers. I look forward to what lies in my future as I look beyond Deaf education to support all educators.

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