Saturday, April 11, 2015

April 11 - Books I'm Reading

I did it. I stayed off social media. Well, not completely. I did peek a few times, but I resisted all urges to reply, retweet, report, or share. It was so great to just BE with my family!

Because I am dedicated to this challenge, I came home, unpacked, ate dinner and read today's #AprilBlogADay question. Well, actually in between all that I read!

What are you reading, either professionally or personally? Why?

I'm excited about this question because I spent a large portion of my down time on our family mini vacation reading. For the past year or so I have been enjoying the Young Adult novels my 13 year old reads. Most of them are dystopian fiction, but now and again there are some other styles that I also enjoy.

In two days I completely read The Selection by Kiera Cass. The back of the book didn't sound that interesting. It reminded me of a cross between The Bachelor TV show competition mixed with the caste system of The Giver. However, it was an easy read and immediately made me feel like a teenage girl!

I finished the book this morning, and all I could think about while driving home was I needed to get my hands on the second book in the series The Elite. I stopped at page 50 in order to type this post!

Professionally, I have been trying to read Mindset by Carol Dweck. I know, I'm the only teacher leader left on the planet who hasn't read it yet. I actually bought it last fall, but I had other books to finish first.

The reason why I haven't completed yet is simple; I cannot read a professional book with distractions around me. I need absolute quiet. The faintest of sounds ruins my concentration. This is extremely opposite in how I read books for pleasure. I can easily tune out all sounds around me and immerse myself into what I am reading. My family dislikes when I am ready for pleasure because they have a hard time getting my attention. I am that good at ignoring, I mean tuning them out.

So, I am committing to finding more quiet time to finish Mindset. This week, instead of coming home and continuing to do my teacher things, I will instead read this book until I pick up my children from After School. I will get it done my week's end!

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