Thursday, February 19, 2015

Trapped by Snow...I Gotta Write

Earlier this week, my town was hit with 10 inches of snow.  If you live in the north, you might be giggling at 10 inches, especially if you are in Boston.  However, for us, it is a blizzard!  School typically closes if we get an inch or 2 on the ground.  We've been out all week with no hope of returning to school soon.

So, what does a cooped up teacher do when she is trapped in her house for days?  Write, of course!

I have the bug.  Not the sickness type of bug but the writing bug.  Sure, I have been blogging sporadically for a couple of years now; recently, though, I can't stop thinking about writing.

Since December I have been working on an article for my school district's newsletter about teacher leadership.  I drafted it then put it aside.  Nothing motivated me to pick it back up and continue working on it, even after getting some great advise from Chris Bronke (@MrBronke).  That's until the National Blogging Collaborative  (@natblogcollab) came into my life and partnered me with Brooke Perry (@brookster29) as my writing coach.

In over a week's time, my "rough" draft was revised again and again until it was in mint condition.  Valuable feedback was given by Brooke; even other NBC coaches chimed in.  I cannot believe the transformation of this piece from beginning to end.  I don't think I have ever been more proud of a piece of writing as I felt when I emailed the article last night.  Now I patiently await publication so I can share it with the world.

And now I have the bug!  Since Monday, I
  • have finished drafting a co-blog and am working on revisions with my co-blogger with the hopes of publishing soon
  • outlined another co-blog with him that will come out before the first one is finished
  • and am now writing this blog

I do look forward to getting back to work educating bright minds, but am quite happy to have been trapped in the snow so I could write!

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